What is it? Answers 141

Monday, October 23, 2006

805. Pivoting ratchet wrench, patented January 14,1913, number 1,050,131

806. The seller said that he thought it was a plumber's tool, but it turns out that it's part of a shoe stretcher without the wooden pieces.

807. Close-up of a light switch:

808. Spark plug tool, marked "Spark Gap Co., Silvis Ill."

809. Watchmaker's tool for holding watch hands while reaming them out, also for holding other small parts while working on them. It's marked "L. Hugoniot-Tissot".

810. This tool was photographed in a fire museum, text on it reads "McDaniel Sprinkler Stop, Distributors McBride and Qualls, Ft. Worth 6-Tex Box 4001, Pat. Pend."

The next two photos show a number of different sprinkler head types that were also on display at the museum:

I couldn't find a McDaniel sprinkler on the web, but I think the tool was meant to be used with the kind of sprinkler commonly seen today:

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